El arte de regalar un buen vino

The art of giving a good wine as a gift

Are you looking for elegant gift ideas to suit any budget? Giving a bottle of wine as a gift is undoubtedly a very good option.
Regardless of whether the person being honoured is a wine lover or not, there is a wide variety of options that transform wine into an elegant, accessible and very tasteful ally to give as a thank you gift or in honour of a celebration.
If you are not so knowledgeable in the world of wine, here you will find everything you need to know to choose a good wine as a gift.

Red wine bodegas monje

Why give wine as a gift?

The answer is very simple: tasting a good wine is one of the best pleasures in life. With friends, family, a partner or even in moments of relaxation, it is the perfect companion for any evening.
Therefore, giving a bottle of wine as a gift is an elegant detail that opens the door to infinite options. Red, white, rosé or sparkling, there is a wide range of possibilities that adapt to different tastes, lifestyles and occasions, which will allow us to always find the perfect wine for every situation.

How to choose a good wine as a gift?

First of all, we must define to whom we are going to give it as a gift: is it an amateur or an expert in the art of good wine? This will allow us to know if we should look for more exclusive wines and with more history, or more valued and easy to drink wines.
Starting from this point, the next thing to do is to define the occasion. Christmas, birthday, dinner with friends, romantic date or simply as a gesture of gratitude.
From Bodegas Monje we bring you a selection of ideal wines to give as a gift depending on the circumstance.

Cita romántica

There is the perfect pairing for that candlelit dinner in the evening.
Dry Dragoblanco is a young, balanced white wine with a fruity aroma. Ideal to drink with fish and seafood, appetizers and salads.
If the date includes white meats, pasta or cold meats, we recommend the Tinto Monje. It is the result of a blend of two of our wines, the traditional Monje and the Hollera carbonic maceration. It is a young, smooth and very enjoyable option.

Vinos para una primera cita romántica

Perfect to take to a meal

If a colleague or family member has invited you to their home for a meal, thank them with a bottle of Hollera Monje wine. Carbonic maceration, it is red in colour with violet tones, 100% listan Negro. Its aromas and harmony define it as a new style of red wine. It goes perfectly with cheeses, pizzas, pastas and rice dishes.
When it comes to dessert, Padre Miguel Monje wine will be the perfect accompaniment, letting you savour the aroma of dried figs and prunes intermingled with raisined orange.

For lovers of good wine

We bring you a selection of perfect wines to give as a gift to the most sybarites.
Vijariego is a wine with a Canarian personality. Made from the Vijariego grape, a variety of vine grown in the Canary Islands, it has a beautiful red colour with fresh and deep aromas. Medium-bodied, it is a very expressive and original wine, which makes it an elegant gift.
From the depths of the Atlantic Ocean emerges the Monje Tradicional Submarino, ideal to surprise the most experienced. The sea currents, the seaweed and the fauna of the seabed manage to assemble and mature this particular red wine, which pairs perfectly with cheeses and cold meats, vegetables, rice dishes and white meats.
Our Negramoll and Evento wines will not leave anyone indifferent. Discover them in our online shop!

Regalo para amantes del vino

¡Sorprende con un vino!

The festive season is approaching and with it always comes the question of what to give as a present. We bring you several excellent alternatives to surprise this Christmas.

Make a nice gift for an occasional wine lover with a bottle of Tradicional Monje from Bodegas Monje. Ruby colour with violet tones, truffle, blackberry and mineral aromas, this drink is born from the blend of Listán Negro, Listán Blanco and Negramoll grapes. In the mouth, it is intense, with character and nerve, ending with a certain bitterness that makes it elegant and original.
If the gift recipient is an experienced wine connoisseur, you can impress him/her with a sophisticated, limited production wine such as Monje de Autor Reserva 2012 Néstor de La Torre. Exquisite and elegant, it presents a distinguished range of aromas with mineral hints, medium and deep body, very balanced with a lot of life ahead.

Discover all our selection of wines ideal to surprise.

There are as many wines as there are people and special occasions to celebrate. Discover in our online shop an extensive catalogue of wines and find the ideal gift.