General Contracting Conditions of the web site BODEGASMONJE.COM are established through this document, with the purpose of sale and purchase of products of Bodegas Monje, S.L. (hereon, BODEGAS MONJE), with NIF B38106530 and domicile in Camino Cruz de Leandro, 36, 38359 El Sauzal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, by those physical or juridical parties (hereon, contracting person or user) who manifest their will to acquire products made available at BODEGASMONJE.COM through the request made by electronic means, more precisely, by the internet through this web site owned by BODEGAS MONJE.


The present General Contracting Conditions are exposed with a permanent character on the web site BODEGASMONJE.COM, owned by BODEGAS MONJE, allowing any user to file them, print them and, thereby, being previously informed of the conditions under which the contracting of products will be made (hereon, the product).

Likewise, the present general conditions are reaffirmed along with a summary of the specific request –specific contracted product/s, cost with indication of taxes if they were to be applied, etc.– for their explicit authorization from the contracting party –by clicking on “I read and agree to the conditions”– every time a specific request is made through the web site.

It’s not technically possible for the contracting person to be able to make the request without having agreed to the acceptance of the present General Conditions. For the contracting person to be able to perform this acceptance and, thereby, make the request, the person must provide his/her data when placing the order on BODEGASMONJE.COM, at which moment he/she accepts the present Conditions.

The contracting person, by accepting these Conditions, gives explicit and unreserved consent to BODEGAS MONJE to perform the necessary charging operations for acquisition of the contracted products, explicitly authorizing Bodegas Monje, S.L. to perform charges on the payment methods that the user has selected itself, or entered from the secure area enabled for this purpose, in accordance to the regulations for payment services.

The present General Conditions, attached to the specific request made through the internet by the contracting person –also known as “particular Conditions”–, set the contract’s content between BODEGAS MONJE and the contracting person, who declares having the enough capacity to contract, and having read, understood and agreed to the present conditions.

BODEGAS MONJE, at the moment of making the contracting, and in a term non superior to twenty four hours, will send the confirmation of the request made to the e-mail address associated to the account of the contracting person.

The contracting person will have available in a permanent manner the present General Conditions on the web site. Any subsequent modification of the present General Conditions will be clearly exposed on a place with easy access on the web site BODEGASMONJE.COM. All previously indicated documentation will be available to be printed and filed by the contracting person and he/she will be entitled to request it at any time via Customer Support, via e-mail sent to;.

Any request for information, or complaint considered as relevant, could be presented to the Customer Support Service to the address indicated in the previous paragraph. The service will acknowledge receipt of the complaint submitted through sending an appropriate receipt –with the corresponding identifying code– to the e-mail address that should be provided to the Customer Support Service in order to process the complaint.


By the present contract BODEGAS MONJE commits to delivering to the contracting person the product that he/she had selected through the web site BODEGASMONJE.COM in exchange for a certain price and in regard to the conditions established on this document.


3.1. Product delivery

BODEGAS MONJE commits itself to deliver the product in a perfect condition to the address indicated by the contracting person on the order form, where the particular conditions attached to the present general conditions lie. BODEGAS MONJE will not be responsible for mistakes caused in the delivery when the data introduced by the contracting person on the order form don't adjust to reality or had been omitted.

Unless the parties agree differently, BODEGAS MONJE will deliver the product through transmission of its material possession or control to the contracting person, with no undue delay and in agreement with the terms indicated on the web site, which in no case will exceed thirty calendar days counting from the conclusion of the contract.

Products offered on the web site are bounded to stocks limits. In the event that the product requested by the contracting person couldn't be supplied due to unavailability, the contracting person will be informed in the product page of its unavailability before making the purchase and, in any case, by e-mail once the purchase request has been received. If this weren't informed and the contracting person acquired any product out of stock, the paid amount would be returned without undue delays.

3.2. Owner’s responsibility

BODEGAS MONJE will in no case be responsible for anything related to:

3.2.1. Mistakes, delays in the access made by the contracting person when entering his/her data in the order form, slowness or impossibility of confirmation of the request or any abnormity that may arise when these incidents occur due to internet problems, fortuitous events or force majeure and any other unforeseen contingency external to the good will of the BODEGAS MONJE. In any case, BODEGAS MONJE will commit itself to solving problems that may arise and to offer all of the necessary support in order to arrive to a quick and satisfactory solution for the incident.

3.2.2. Mistakes or damages produced by inefficient use of the product and bad will from the contracting person.

3.2.3. Non operability of the e-mail address provided by the contracting person in order to receive the order confirmation.

3.2.4. BODEGAS MONJE has absolute responsibility for the products' quality admitting devolution of it as long as these are defective or don't arrive to the contracting person in the appropriate conditions. The contracting person must file the complaint for the devolution through the web site itself in its specific section in order to be able to perform an effective following of the incident. BODEGAS MONJE will take charge, in this case, of the expenses caused as a consequence of such devolution as long as the contracting person communicates this situation, in the term of fourteen days counting from the delivery date and as long as the product hadn't been consumed or altered in any form. BODEGAS MONJE remains exempt of all responsibility related to possible breaks or flaws on the product that had occurred after delivery of the product, likewise, BODEGAS MONJE will have no responsibility related to the product that was already been consumed or used without any incidence by the contracting person that seeks to file a complaint.

The contracting person, before signing the delivery note of the product, shall check that the product had been delivered in perfect conditions, if he/she shows conformity at the time of delivery it is understood by both parties that the product was delivered correctly and, therefore, any possible deterioration was produced after delivery.

3.2.5. The Contracting person explicitly disclaims any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility for possible damages or harm derived from what’s been previously mentioned in this clause. In any case, the responsibility of BODEGAS MONJE if it breaks what’s indicated on this agreement in agreement, under the terms of the present general conditions, will be limited to refund the amount that, if any, could have been paid by the contracting person and always afetr the devolution from the contracting person of the product in question.

3.2.6. The contracted product counts with the conformity guarantee foreseen in the law. If the product were not in accordance with the contract, the contracting person may choose between demanding repairing or substitution of the product, or, where applicable, reduction of its price or resolution of the contract, under the previously established terms.


4.1. Payment

The contracting person commits to effectively paying for the requested product in the amount and manner established in these Conditions.

4.1.1. Amount

Remuneration for the product effectively requested by the contracting person will be the one indicated on the web site, and the one appearing on the contracting person’s concrete order at every moment (except in the case of a typographic or manifest mistake); requests that will establish the particular order’s conditions.The product price shown on the web site is always indicated in Euro, taxes not included.

In the case of an error in the price of the product requested by the contracting person, BODEGAS MONJE will inform you as soon as possible and will give you the choice of reaffirming the request at the right price or cancelling it. In the event that the contracting person couldn’t be contacted, the order would be considered as cancelled and the paid amounts would be integrally reimbursed, with no right to any type of compensation.

The complete final price will include: taxes or rates, amount of increments or discounts applicable to the offer and additional expenses –for example, the ones associated to transport, payment methods, etc.– that are passed to the contracting person, which will be explicitly accepted by the contracting person.

In no case, charges that exeed the cost borne by BODEGAS MONJE for the use of certain payment methods will be billed to the contracting person.

BODEGAS MONJE will issue the corresponding bill for the product, detailing all the concepts that are part of it. The contracting person explicitly consents to the remission of an electronic invoice to the e-mail address provided to process the order. At any time, the Contracting can communicate his wish to receive all bills in paper, by writing to Customer Support Service.

4.1.2. Payment methods

The contracting person should pay the corresponding amount to the contracted product through some of the payment methods/procedures available on the web site. The additional costs associated with the payment methods selected should be paid and confirmed in an independent way under the terms indicated on the web site.

4.2. Withdrawal

The contracting person, which has the status of consumer, can withdraw the contracting made on BODEGASMONJE.COM within fourteen natural days with no need of excuses, counting from the delivery day of the last product included in the contract,except in the case of a contract for regular delivery of products during a specified period, in such case the term to exercise withdrawal will star with delivery of the first asset.

The contracting of products that by their nature cannot be returned due to fast expiration or deterioration cannot be subject to withdrawal, same as those that being sealed had been unsealed after delivery and become no longer apt to be returned due to protection of health or hygiene reasons.

In order to exercise the right to withdrawal, the contracting person should notify its decision to withdraw from the contract through an unequivocal notification to: BODEGAS MONJE, at Camino Cruz de Leandro, 36, 38359 El Sauzal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or at, indicating withdrawal of the contract and providing the following information: order reference, reception date, the contracting person's name and last name, and address. Likewise, he/she could use the form model foreseen in the current regulations on protection of consumers and users. In the event of written withdrawal, it should be properly signed by the contracting person. In order to meet the deadline, it is sufficient if the notification is dispatched before the expiry of the deadline.

In the event of withdrawal by the contracting person, BODEGAS MONJE will return all payments received, not including delivery expenses, with no undue delay. Such refund will be made using the same payment method used in the initial transaction, unless the opposite had been explicitly agreed upon; in any case, this will not result in any expense as a consequence of the refund. BODEGAS MONJE may withhold the reimbursement until the receipt of products had occurred or until a proof of their devolution had been presented.

The contracting person shall directly return or deliver the products to BODEGAS MONJE in: BODEGAS MONJE, Camino Cruz de Leandro, 36, 38359 El Sauzal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with no undue delay and, in any case, at the latest within fourteen calendar days from the date when the withdrawal from the contract decision is communicated. The term will be considered as met if devolution of the products is made before the period has ended.

The contracting person must assume direct cost of the products' devolution. Such cost is calculated to rise at approximately –at most– the same amount paid for the products to be delivered.

The contracting person is responsible for the decrease of value of the products resulting from different manipulation than the one necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products.

4.3. Contracting person's responsibility

In any case, the contracting person will be responsible for:

The contracting person assumes all risk of deterioration, impairment, harms and lost of the product from the moment when this is set for disposal by the third party who, on behalf of BODEGAS MONJE, makes the delivery of the requested product.

The contracting person commits himself to checking the good condition of the product in front of the third party who, on behalf of BODEGAS MONJE, makes the delivery of the requested product, checking that he/she will make prior to the signing the receipt of the delivery.


BODEGAS MONJE and the contracting person may terminate this contract by any of the causes established by law and particularly for breach of the present General Conditions. The termination of the contract may be exercised by contacting the other party in: the post address indicated by the contracting person at the time of contracting the service, and in the BODEGAS MONJE’s domicile, properly identifying the contract intending to solve.


BODEGAS MONJE declares that the own contents, programming and design of the web site BODEGASMONJE.COM, are fully protected by copyright, being explicitly prohibited all reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of the referred protected elements unless there’s explicit consent of BODEGAS MONJE. BODEGAS MONJE can use external sources for the elaboration of its contents in certain occasions and/or establish links or hyperlinks to articles or information from third parties always quoting the source. The legitimate owner of the copyright of such information thereby included could request, at any time, the elimination of such references.


All data provided by the contracting person in accordance with these general conditions shall be treated within the terms set on the Privacy Policy on the web site.


These general conditions are ruled by the Spanish Law. The parties submit, at their election, for the resolution of conflicts and with waiver of any other jurisdiction, to the courts of the user's domicile.


9.1. Cancelled clause:

In the event that any clause from the present document is declared invalid, other clauses will remain in full force and shall be interpreted taking into account the will of the parties and the purpose itself of the present conditions. BODEGAS MONJE may no longer make use of any of these rights conferred in this document, which will not imply in any case a renouncement to them unless explicit acknowledgement is given by BODEGAS MONJE.

COVID-19 Secure Company

With their concurrence, the holder of the booking accepts to be mandated of collecting and preserving the other participants’s contact details. In case of outbreak, the holder of the booking will response with them to the authorities informing those affected.

Our premises have a MITIGATION AND PREVENTION PLAN AGAINST COVID-19. Bodegas Monje, S.L. has informed the holder of the booking and will not be responsible in case the participants commit specific actions out of the imposed rules or do not follow them if those lead to person to person transmission between attendees.

Plan of prevention, mitigation of contagion and reduction of the impact of the virus that causes COVID-19, in catering establishments, based on RD463 / 2020, Order SND / 388/2020 and other instructions and recommendations prepared by the Ministry of Health .

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