Coffee with milk or tea, orange juice, assortment of pastries, butter and jams, fresh cheese and tomato, traditional puff pastry and a glass of young wine.
Escudilla de leche con gofio de cuatro cereales molino El Sauzal (milk and gofio with four cereals), bread with watercress butter, semi-cured goat’s cheese, wine sponge cake. Banana and a glass of young wine.
Coffee with milk or infusion, orange juice, assortment of bread, butter and jams. Scrambled eggs with Iberian shoulder. Fruit salad and a glass of young wine.
Coffee with milk or tea, orange juice, assortment of bread, butter and jams. Assortment of goat’s cheeses, black pig roast in a wood-fired oven or codfish sandwich. Wine sponge cake and
a glass of young wine.
Seasonal fruit smoothie, assortment of wholemeal bread, jams and olive oil. Salad of pumpkin, bubango, celery, seasonal fruit, fresh cheese, seeds and glass of young wine. Yoghurt with honey and muesli with tea or coffee.
Orange juice, fresh cheese and tomato kebab, French omelette with bread and tomatoes, croissant and puff pastry.


Cheese board with sweet and savoury nibbles – 16,75€
Charcuterie board with Iberian pork shoulder, toasted wine bread and sun dried tomato pesto – 17,75€
Wine&Sex salad (a salad of lettuce, avocado, red 
pepper and prawns) – 15,50€
A stack of vine fresh tomatoes layered with fresh goats cheese, garlic dressing and a garnish of mountain grown oregano – 11,75€
Pumpkin soup with grilled cheese and ground coriander served with Gofio made with 4 cereals – 6,75€
“Aunt Lola´s” chickpeas – 9,25€
Saffron cooked octopus lollipops, with potatoes – 19,75€  View image
Firewood roasted vegetables with a light spiced goats cheese – 12,90€
Samosas filled with cod, potato, almonds and
Muscat raisins served with mojo sauce – 11,25€
Fresh foie gras open sandwiches with caramelized
onion and broom honey – 13,75€
Fried eggs with broken yolks, served with potatoes, chorizo and onion in wine – 9,50€


Grilled fillet of Wreckfish with saffron mojo sauce and salted vegetables – 18,95€
Cod fillet served with “Pil-Pil” red pepper sauce and smashed new potatoes  –


Veal sirloin medallions topped with pork belly and a sweet vino padre wine sauce – 22,00€
Roasted duck breast on a bed of sea salt and pears marinated in wine and vinegar – 17,50€
Rabbit in “Doña Angela” salmorejo tomato sauce served with skewers of gofio and potatoes – 14,95€
Ox tail stew made with Tintilla wine – 17,75€

Our roast pork “Cochino Negro” specialities

Traditional pork scratchings coated in ground gofio – 7,50€
Pork croquettes with red mojo sauce – 9,75€
Pork skewers with potatoes and saffron mojo sauce – 10,95€
Firewood roasted pork with chayote compote and
seasoning – 17,95€


Canarian custard with wine sponge cake and Hollera jam. – 5,50€
Figs in sweet wine sauce with frozen yoghurt– 5,50
“Nena” coffee and cookie pudding – 5,50€
Natural yoghurt with guava syrup – 5,50€
Cake of the house – 6,50€
Mole eggs – 5,50€


Dragoblanco dry white – 3,50€ glass | 18€  75 cl bottle 
100% Listán Blanco. Young white wine. Fun, delicate, aromatic, dry.
Dragoblanco fruity – 3,50€ glass | 19€ 75 cl bottle
100% Listán Blanco. Young white wine. Semi-dry with fruity aromas and pleasant sweetness.
Bibiana – 3,50€ glass | 18€ 75 cl bottle
100% Black Listán. Young rosé. Nice colour, fruity, fresh.
Bibiana fruity – 3,50€ glass | 19€ 75 cl bottle
100% Black Listán. Young rosé. Intense redcurrant colour, delicate tannic notes with fresh fruit.
fresh fruit
Monje Tradicional – 3,50€ glass | 9€ bottle 37,5 cl | 18€ bottle 75 cl | 32€ magnum 1,5l
85% Black Listán, 10% White Listán, 5% Negramoll. Classic young red wine. Characteristic traditional red wine, expressing the volcanic soil and the indigenous grape varieties.
Hollera – 3,50€ glass | 18€ bottle 75cl | 32€ magnum 1,5l

100% Black Listán. Young Red – Carbonic Maceration. Very rich, fruity, tasty and harmonious.

Tintomonje – 3,50€ glass | 18€ 75 cl bottle
90% Black Listán, 5% White Listán, 5% Negramoll. Young red wine. 50% Traditional Red + 50% Red Carbonic maceration. Particular, smooth and tasty
Listán negro – 4,50€ glass | 22€ bottle 75 cl | 44€ magnum 1,5l
100% Black Listán. Aged in American oak barrels for six months. Noble, medium body,
true to variety
Tintilla – 5,50€ glass | 29€ 75 cl bottle
90% Tintilla, 10% Listán Negro. Aged in French oak barrels for eight months.
Dry, powerful, very personal, full-bodied.
Father wine Miguel Monje – 4,50€ glass | 22€ bottle
100% Black Listán. Sweet red wine. Aromas of candied fruits, dried figs… Sweet without
Muscatel – 4,50 € glass | 22 € bottle
100% Muscatel. Sweet white. Perfume, very delicate notes of jasmine and…
Event – 9€ drink | 48€ bottle
100% Listán blanco. Single series of 400 bottles. Fermented in new American barrels. Very
dry, full-bodied, complex and personal
Negramoll – 8€ glass | 43€ bottle
100% Negramoll. Single series of 383 bottles. Aged in French oak barrels for 8 months.
Elegant with subtle aromas of the variety, smooth, elegant and personal.
Bastardo negro – 11€ glass | 55€ bottle
100% black Bastardo. Single series of 535 bottles. Twenty years ago it was an unknown among our vineyards. among our vineyards, we used to call it “Tinta Monje” but then when we looked inside it, it turned out to be “Bastardo Negro”. Today we grow it at an altitude of 670 metres.
Vijariejo black – 9€ glass | 49€ bottle
100% black Vijariego. Single series of 978 bottles. Grown at 600 metres above sea level
sea level in the “mentiroso” plot; a name that honours an ancient vineyard. This grape variety has
found on the volcanic soils and the climate of Hollera, a perfect habitat to express its full

Underwater wines

Monje tinto tradicional submarino – 12€ copa submarino | 18€ copa submarino + testigo
Discover and enjoy our new underwater wines aged in the depths of the ocean; it will be a unique experience. Ocean; it will be a unique experience.

Craft beer

Enoloca – 2,90€ caña | 9€ bottle 50cl
Enoloca is a pale and delicate APA (American Pale Ale) with an intensity that makes it balanced and pleasant. balanced and pleasant. Its aroma is characterised by a light tropical fruit aroma and amber colour.
Our APA is a special and sophisticated beer.