Wine Tastings

Discover the soul of the winery with a wine tasting. We will help you to discover the secret and the soul of our winery through the diverse range of wine tastings designed to educate in a fun and enjoyable way. Our wines are created using varieties of grapes which have been unaffected by the Phylloxera virus and cultivated on volcanic soil which gives it a rich and unique taste.

Learn, savour and live this unique experience.

Wine Tasting Crianzas “under the sea”

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Cata 3, 5, 8 vinos

Wine tasting 3, 5, 8

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Cata Monje de Autor

Monje de Autor Wine Tasting

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4 wines 4 cheeses

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3 vinos 3 aperitivos

3 wines 3 canapés

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1 Vino 1 Aperitivo

1 wine, 1 canapé

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2 dulces 2 frutas

2 sweets 2 fruits

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2 sweet wines and 2 chocolates

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2 Vinos 2 Aperitivos

2 wines 2 canapés

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Catas para familias y amigos

Family & Friends

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