Vinotinte: The art of dyeing with wine

Vinotinte is the art of using everything obtained from the vine to dye fabrics naturally. Leaves, fruits and vine shoots are used to achieve a wide range of colours and patterns, thanks to a mixture of traditional and modern techniques.

At Bodegas Monje you can learn how to create your own natural ecoprints garments with our vinotinte workshops and buy Vinotinte products in our shop.




Vinotinte Philosophy

Nathalie Leturcq is the heart and soul of vinotinte. Her research into the origin of crémor tartar (natural salts from wine) led her to contact Bodegas Monje. Since then, they have joined forces in the exciting adventure of natural dyes with materials from the vineyards. Thus, Bodegas Monje has added ecoprint to its range of products and activities aimed at rural and wine tourism on the island.

Nathalie imprints her own philosophy on her creations, which is reflected in the following quote from her book Tinting in the Vineyards:

‘The modern world and its inhabitants are sick, it is time to change course and consciously decide how to live in harmony with our beautiful environment’

The Vinotinte experience. Vinotinte Brunch Workshop.

Bodegas Monje offers the possibility to learn in person the dyeing process using natural dyes and vine leaves. During the workshop, participants will learn the basics about natural dyes and textile fibres and will put them into practice during the workshop. The workshop includes:

  • A walk through the Hollera vineyards to collect the flowers and plants to be used.
  • Brunch in the Restaurant – Terrace to choose from five menus
  • Hot” Ecoprint workshop with a 50x50cm silk scarf that you will design and take away with you.

The workshops, led by Nathalie Leturcq, are held at the winery. They are suitable for both adults and children

Fabrics and garments

Each vinotinte garment is unique, as they are handmade, one by one. Natural dyes and textile fibres of natural origin avoid the adverse reactions or allergies that can be caused by synthetic dyes and fabrics. The vegetable fabrics used in vinotint garments are linen and cotton. While in animal garments, fabrics such as wool and silk are used.

Each collection and textile product is limited edition. Among Vinotinte’s star products are the high quality silk scarves and tablecloths. Unique garments, created by the hands of the craftswoman Nathalie Leturcq.

Vinotinte on the catwalk

Designers find in Vinotinte a source of raw materials to make their creations in ecologically treated fabrics with natural dyes.

Vinotinte, in collaboration with Abissi Moda, participates in the International Fashion Fair of Tenerife 2018. The synergy results in a magical union.

If you are a designer and you want to know what we offer you, do not hesitate to contact us.