About Us


Since my childhood, I have been surrounded by the atmosphere of the winery, the grape harvest, the smell of must, the racking, the barrels, the vineyard, the ploughing, the pruning; everything is wine in my everyday vocabulary at home.

My father; Miguel Monje, taught me to love the land, its vineyards, its wines, which come from his ancestors: Agustina Monje, Sebastián Monje Ocampo, Miguel Monje García, Isabel Monje, Justo García de León, Miguel Gutiérrez Monje, Jerónimo Monje, José González Yumar, Ángel Monje, Isabel Monje García, Sebastián González Monje… all of them winemakers whose passion has been passed down since 1750.

Now, I am taking over our tradition, I belong to the fifth generation of a saga whose vocation has been the fascinating world of wine.

On these pages I would like to show who we are and what we do, because each of our bottles contains the good work and the spirit of the Family.

Felipe Monje


From our winery, the panoramic view is a gift: vineyards, mountains, sea, sun: the ideal place to live and care for our wines. Built by my father in 1956 and modernised in 1983, it still has the old oak casks in which we continue to ferment and age our Tinto Tradicional, combining the oldest practices with modern technology.

The winery, with a capacity of 160,000 litres, is sufficient to process our harvest. Ten people make up the team that makes it possible to continue with the philosophy and affection that this vocation deserves.


In El Sauzal, some 600 metres above sea level, in a place called La Hollera, our vineyard is located on a stony but very rich soil, the result of the volcano and the passage of time.

Steep slopes that are difficult to mechanise make the hand of man a constant companion. The sun, from the early hours of the morning, and the gentle sea breeze, create a special microclimate for the cultivation of vines.

With 1,500 vines per hectare and an average age of 50 years, our vines are planted at ground level for eight months. Then, before veraison, they are raised with forks (wooden stakes) until the end of the harvest. In recent years, we have restructured a large part of the vineyard and now, having converted to the “low vineyard” system, we are able to mechanise some of the work.

We grow Listán Negro, Listán Blanco, Negramoll, Tintilla, Vijariego negra and Marmajuelo grapes, varieties that provide the original characteristics that define our wines. And we experiment with many more, all of them pre-phylloxera, obtained from the legacy of our ancestors.


Our wines respond to the traditional grape varieties and the soil where they grow. They are mostly red wines, which stand out for their original personality, sometimes difficult to categorise. They have attractive colours, mineral and fruity aromas, fresh, full, full of life. In short, they show the land where they are born.

All our brands are limited production and numbered, protected by the Tacoronte – Acentejo Denomination of Origin, the body in charge of controlling the production and bottling of the wines. The back label guarantees the origin and quality.


Welcome to our “Hemeroteca”, the corner where time becomes history and memories intertwine with the flavors that have defined Bodegas Monje over the years. Here, among yellowed headlines and moments engraved in the memory, we invite you to take a journey through the pages that have shaped our winery.