Evento Candlelight en Tenerife

Bodegas Monje: A magical setting for Tenerife’s Candlelight Experiences

At Bodegas Monje, we pride ourselves on hosting unique experiences that combine culture, music and wine. One of these experiences are the Candlelight concerts, which transform our winery into a magical setting, offering our visitors an unforgettable evening.

Recently, our winery became the perfect setting for Fever to bring to life two unforgettable musical experiences: Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Candlelight: Tribute to Coldplay and Candlelight: Tribute to Hans Zimmer.

These events, known for their intimate and cosy atmosphere, are an invitation to enjoy classical and contemporary music in a spectacular setting, surrounded by barrels and vineyards.

Candlelight: A musical journey by candlelight in Tenerife

Candlelight events offer a unique musical experience, presenting classical and modern music concerts in emblematic venues, illuminated only by candlelight. These intimate evenings promise not only to enchant attendees with masterful performances, but also to create an unforgettable atmosphere, combining the beauty of the music with visually spectacular surroundings.

Bodegas Monje Candlelight events

A journey through time with Vivaldi

Surrounded by the historic architecture of our winery, attendees at Candlelight: Tribute to Vivaldi were transported back to the Baroque era.

By candlelight, a string quartet performed the captivating melodies of the Italian composer, creating a magical and moving atmosphere. Each note echoed off the stone walls, transporting the audience to a world of beauty and serenity.

A tribute to the British band that has marked a generation

In another memorable event, Candlelight: Tribute to Coldplay filled the Bodegas Monje with energy and emotion.

The carefully chosen selection of songs by the iconic British band resonated strongly under the dim candlelight. The audience sang along to their favourite hits, creating an unforgettable collective experience.

Candlelight events in Tenerife

Exploring the magic: Unique events in Bodegas Monje

At Bodegas Monje, a passion for wine meets culture to create unique experiences. Beyond the Candlelight concerts, our winery hosts a variety of events that capture the essence of Tenerife and the art of winemaking, such as our Gastroteatro Ley Seca or our erotic event Wine&Sex.

We invite you to explore our full calendar of events and immerse yourself in the world of wine in a unique way. Find out more about what we have in store for you here.

Wine&Sex events

At Bodegas Monje we are committed to continuing to be the setting for more extraordinary events, keeping the flame of culture and passion for wine alive. Our winery is not only a place where exceptional wines are produced, but also a place where music, history and life itself are celebrated.
We invite everyone, residents and visitors to Tenerife, to join us on this sensory journey and to keep an eye on our events calendar. Bodegas Monje is more than a winery; it is a destination where every visit becomes a story worth telling.