The so-called Monje of Author

How did this idea come up?

It was a novel idea that sought to break patterns of the wine world in the Canaries, as well as to confront a prevailing mentality that underestimated the capabilities and possibilities of wine production in the archipelago.

Thus, it was decided to make crianza wines, an unusual event in the archipelago, due to a simple ignorance that it was possible. This impossibility was justified by referring to the characteristics of our grapes, which – it was argued at the time – made them unsuitable for this task. After protocolizing the process, the wine underwent a period of aging for 12 months in oak barrels, then bottled. This process endowed it with qualities that only time could enhance.

The mission was to achieve something unusual with our grape varieties, and so it was. The news became known in the media as a great step for the wine sector in the Canary Islands and the appearance of a new product, with unique and inimitable characteristics.

Our Monje of Author

Our Monjes de autor pay tribute to some of the best Canarian artists in different disciplines, whose transcendence and prestige combine with the exquisiteness and exclusivity of these wines.


Monje de Autor Crianza 1993 Martín Chirino

Monje de Autor Crianza 1993 Martín Chirinomonjes-de-autor

Garnet cherry red colour; in the nose notes of good oak are intermingled with ripe black fruits; in the mouth it is balanced, round, with the presence of fine, noble tannins, with an elegant and personal aftertaste.

“I met the prestigious sculptor Martín Chirino on the island of Gran Canaria under the guidance of Alfredo Martín and other common friends, we sympathised from the start and he told me that he really liked our wines. After sharing some drinks, he offered to design a label. I quickly dared to say: I have that lucky wine in barrel. And this is how the idea of the 1993 MONJE DE AUTOR series came about, the first Crianza wine with a D.O. made in the Canary Islands”.

Production: 4.500 bottles 75cl.

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Monje de Autor Crianza 1994 Pedro González

Monje de Autor Reserva 1995 Pedro González

It is a wine born and raised with the same wisdom and artisan patience with which great works of art are created. Made with the small bunches we obtain from our old traditional vines and after educating it for 12 months in oak barrels, it always shows its nobility. On this occasion, the renowned Tenerife painter Pedro González lends his palette and signature to dress this unique series with his art.

At first sight we are presented with an attractive garnet red. In nose it is intense, frank notes of clean upbringing, distinguished oak with a very serious varietal background. Then it opens up, with toasted and truffle notes. In the mouth it is well structured, with the presence of tannins and pleasant flavours, a pleasant and suggestive aftertaste. Twelve months in American and French oak barrels.

Production: 5.600 bottles 75cl.

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Monje de Autor Reserva 1995 César Manrique

Monje de Autor Reserva 1995 César Manrique

Medium depth cherry ruby red. Notes of flowers and herbs, smoked, with other creamy vanilla. Rich, with a sensation of dried fruit, good presence, warm and harmonious finish.

“This time I was betting on a reserve, something unusual, unknown? in the wines of the Islands. From our vineyard in El Sauzal, we selected some 6,500Kg of Listan Negro, Negramoll and Listan Blanco grapes to elaborate this first red Reserva 1995 with eighteen months in American and French barrels. With it I had to pay tribute to one of the great artists and values of the Canary Islands, César Manrique, whose foundation made it possible to design this label”.

Production: 5.045 bottles 75cl.

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Monje de Autor Reserva 1998 Alfredo Kraus

Monje de Autor Reserva 1998 Alfredo Klaus

Medium depth cherry red, clean and bright. The nose must be opened to understand its expression, ripe fruit mixed with notes of rich wood, coffee, truffle and that varietal and indefinable sensation that provide the traditional varieties. Broad mouth, tannins to polish but can be taken already, balanced with a slightly bitter finish typical of the Black Listán.

The 1998 harvest was a wonderful occasion to elaborate a reserve using the varieties Listán Negro, Negramoll and Listán Blanco. We bought new barrels and aged it for eighteen months. Then the maturation in the bottle has been excellent and to this day [what?]. The tribute label on this occasion deserved to be for the Gran Canarian Alfredo Kraus, one of the best tenors of the twentieth century.

Production: 6.880 bottles 75cl.

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Monje de Autor Reserva 2000 Óscar DomínguezMonje de Autor Reserva 200 Óscar Domínguez

And the dreaded year 2000 arrived and nothing happened that changed the world as it was believed, but it was an occasion to make a new reserve, maintaining the style and personality of the previous MONJE DE AUTOR, with the varieties Listán Negro, Listán Blanco and Negramoll. After eighteen months in barrel and thirty-six months in bottle, it was released on the market with a label in homage to the great surrealist spirit that was Óscar Domínguez from Tenerife.

Made from Listán Negro, Negramoll and Listán Blanco grapes. This reserve, of red color emotion, has an intense nose full of delicate varietal shades. In the mouth it is lively, elegant and suggestive with a powerful and long finish.

Production: 5.715 bottles 75cl.

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If you are looking for a wine to give away or for a special occasion, opting for a Monje of Author is undoubtedly a great option. 

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