Black Listan, the red grape of wine

In the Canary Islands, almost 90% of the cultivated area is made up of 6 varieties. Among them is the black listán, which occupies about a quarter of these crops (about 24%).

How’s the black listán grape?

Resistant, rustic and vigorous, blue-black colored. The bunches are compact, of medium size and long length. Conical in shape, with 2 or 3 wings and an early onset of veraison. It presents good results against plagues and diseases and adapts very well to the island’s climate. Its ability to perform well in any location has led to the extension of its crop.

Characteristics: aromas and flavours

Resultado de imagen de listán negro

It is a faithful reflection of the island’s volcanic character, with an unmistakable background of mineral touches. It produces aromatic wines, reminiscent of black fruits.

It is common to find it as traditional reds, in the form of carbonic macerations and barrel reds. It is prone to oxidation and usually has balanced acidity and even a lack of it, so it’s sometimes mixed with other grapes to compensate for this lack of acidity.

What names does it get and where can we find it?

After the latest DNA investigations, these indicate that it is unique and original to the Canary Islands.

The black listán grape is also known in the islands with other names such as almuñeco, lista negra, palomino negro, negra común, forastera negra. 

It is abundant especially in the North of Tenerife, where it is the most important grape in some Denominations of Origin such as Tacoronte-Acentejo, Abona and Valle de Güímar. It is also permitted in the Denominations of Origin of El Hierro, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma and Lanzarote.

Wines with Black Listan

With the black listán, tasty young reds, crianza wines and even sweet wines are made. Among our wines you can find the Listán Negro, Hollera, Tinto Monje, or Monje Tradicional, among others. An example of sweet wine with black listán is our Padre Miguel Monje Sweet Wine, ideal to serve with desserts.




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