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C: 200 | P: 36

8,95 €
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Tintomonje harvest 2013 is the result of a blend (coupage) of two of our wines, the Traditional Monje and Hollera carbonic maceration. It has the best qualities of each one of them; the pleasant aromas of the Hollera in perfect balance with the mineral flavors so particular of volcanic origin of the Traditional Monje. Listán Negro 90%, Listán Blanco and...
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C: 15 | P: 10

38,05 € 43,05 € on sale!
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If you like to have seconds on dessert, try this sweet alliance between our fruity Dragoblanco and the divine Moscatel. To delight your palate at all times we have added a exotic papaya jam and sweet fennel honey. Let yourself be seduced by the sweet-toothed bouquets of the Sweet Sweet pack. This Monje Pack includes: 1 Dry Dragoblanco wine 1 Muscatel...
C: 14 | P: 8

53,60 € 60,60 € on sale!
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Volcanic soils, unique landscapes and reddish colors, should sound familiar to you if you have ever visited Canary Islands, but if you have not tasted it, this is your pack. It all starts with the Tintilla salt, wild and sunny as our coast. Then, fig jams will be added with Traditional red wine, its sweet and powerful taste will captivate you. In order to...
C: 16 | P: 5

75,30 € 83,30 € on sale!
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Do you need something even sweeter? Keep calm, double the taste with a double dose of our wines Dragoblanco Dry and Moscatel Dulce. Papaya and Hinojo honey jam continues its mission, animated by an excellent Tajinaste honey from the slopes of the Teide. To empower the canary taste of the packaging you can use our Vinagre Macho Agridulce / Sweet and Sour...