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14,49 €
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Young white semi-dry, 100% Listán Blanco. Intense and very aromatic with memories of fresh fruits, pleasant flavor with sugar and moderate acidity. Very sweet!

13,49 €
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Young white, 100% Listán Blanco. We can enjoy its pale colour and fruity aroma; on the palate it is delicate, its balance attracts us and at the end the fruits, the flowers return; a classy memory.

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Tintomonje harvest 2013 is the result of a blend (coupage) of two of our wines, the Traditional Monje and Hollera carbonic maceration. It has the best qualities of each one of them; the pleasant aromas of the Hollera in perfect balance with the mineral flavors so particular of volcanic origin of the Traditional Monje. Listán Negro 90%, Listán Blanco and...

41,75 €
VAT included
It is very pale pink salmon, 100% Negramoll Rose Brut Nature. Fine bubbles, fresh and delicate aromas, balanced structure and acidity, with a friendly finish. A good option that combines with any dish.