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'Soft harmony' - Monje Pack

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Combine the youthful spirit and the fruity taste of Monje Bibiana with the softness and temperament of our Tintomonje, a 50% mixture of Monje Tradicional and Hollera. Besides these winner bets, you will receive 2 jams that will not get unnoticed. Hollera jam is as sweet as exotic, and its Hollera bouquet will be the best accompaniment for desserts and ice creams. On the contrary, as an acid touch, Mango and Kiwi will amplify the possibilities of this pack. Rounding the shot, the corkscrew Wine & Sex ® provides the spicy touch to this carefully selected pack from our wine cellar.

Save and get it right with "Soft Harmony", even if it is for a present or a craving. This pack includes…

  • 2 Bibiana wines
  • 2 Red wines Monje
  • 1 Wine&Sex corkscrew
  • 1 Hollera Jam
  • 1 Kiwi Mango Jam

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