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'Premium Varietals' - Monje Pack

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Join the Premium experience! Start by trying the unique Bastardo Negro bottled in Canary Islands, with its red and black fruit flavors and its such distinctive color. Combine it with our two vintage years of Vijariego Negro, a very expressive wine grown in oak barrel that will leave you wishing to visit the islands. You will also receive a bottle of both Tintilla and Listán Negro, so you will have complete access to our most valuable varieties that we cultivate in our wine cellar. And… since every little detail is important, in both wine and life, it includes a Wine & Sex ® corkscrew for your most romantic dinners.

This Monje pack includes:

  • 1 Bastardo wine
  • 1 Vijariego Negro 2008 wine
  • 1 Vijariego 2013 wine
  • 1 Tintilla wine
  • 1 Listan Negro wine
  • Wine&Sex corkscrew


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