Pack 6 - All in one

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A whole collection of the best known and most appreciated wines from the winery, red and sweet white wines accompanied by two Wine & Sex glasses and a corkscrew. Ready to serve.

This Monje pack includes:

  • 1 Dragoblanco 2019 wine
  • 1 Hollera 2019 wine
  • 1 Tradicional 2017 wine
  • 1 Padre Miguel Monje Sweet and Red Wine
  • 1 Moscatel wine
  • 2 Wine & Sex Wine Glasses
  • 1 Wine & Sex Corkscrew and Bottleopener
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Combine the youthful spirit and the fruity taste of Monje Bibiana with the softness and temperament of our Tintomonje, a 50% mixture of Monje Tradicional and Hollera. Besides these winner bets, you will receive 2 jams that will not get unnoticed. Hollera jam is as sweet as exotic, and its Hollera bouquet will be the best accompaniment for desserts and ice...