Enoloca Apa Monje Beer

Enoloca Apa Monje Beer

The APA Monje beer is pale and delicate with an intensity that makes it balanced and pleasant. Its aroma is characterized by a slight scent of tropical fruits that, together with its amber color and white foam, come together to make you enjoy a special and sophisticated beer.

In the mouth it is light, with a medium and pleasant body, transmitting the flavor and bitterness of hops and malt to the palate.

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Enoloca Apa Monje Beer - Bodegas Monje

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For a long time I had yearned to expand the family and introduce myself to a world known but, at the same time, so new to me: the artisanal beer production. With the aim of creating a local and innovative product, we embarked on this adventure that is having such good results. I gave our first elaboration to ten people who were in the restaurant that day to try. I did not need more than the acceptance of that small number to know that we had done well.

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