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13,64 €
Nice yellow straw. Powerful and elegant Muscat nose with citrus tones, nothing of typical raisins, very fresh. In the mouth the varietal fills us, with moderate acidity and a sweetness nothing cloying. In short, it is a modern-style Muscat.

11,15 €
Young white, 100% Listán Blanco. We can enjoy its pale colour and fruity aroma; on the palate it is delicate, its balance attracts us and at the end the fruits, the flowers return; a classy memory.

10,49 €
Bibiana is our ambiguous wine, made with Listán Negro grapes. It has an intense currant color, on the nose it is fruity and youthful. In the mouth, delicate tannin sensations appear with fresh fruit that recalls them in the aftertaste.

15,94 €
Attractive ruby red in middle layer, open in color. Intense nose of marked notes of the Listan Negro varietal interspersed with the presence of the barrel. In the mouth there is character, tannins to be polished, tasty with a slightly bitter finish that makes it elegant.

10,32 €
It is the Traditional Young Red Wine, from the mixture of Listán Negro, Listán Blanco and Negramoll grapes. In its preparation, we respect some old practices such as open tannin maceration and fermentation in old oak barrels. Of ruby color with violet tones, aromas of truffle, blackberry, minerals and other indefinable characteristics provided by its...

20,57 €
It is a barrel fermentation red, subjected to eight months aging in Allier and Vosges French oak. Produced since 2000, it is made with 90% of Tintilla Castellana and 10% of Listán Negro. Medium-high layer covered but visible, the nose of a puppet to learn it, it evolves magnificently in the air. Mouth wide but nothing heavy, tasty tannins for who likes,...

13,64 €
Dense in the fall, garnet red, aromas appear to past figs, prunes interspersed with passionate orange. The palate is harmonious: it has adequate acidity, fine tannins that make good company to that sweetness nothing heavy, tasty memory at the end. It is ideal to serve in desserts.

9,12 € 10,32 € on sale!
Tintomonje harvest 2013 is the result of a blend (coupage) of two of our wines, the traditional Monje and Hollera carbonic maceration. It has the best qualities of each one of them; the pleasant aromas of the Hollera in perfect balance with the mineral flavors so particular of volcanic origin of the traditional Monje. Listán Negro 90%, Listán Blanco and...