Wine Bank

The niches of Bodegas Monje have been created for select members who are interested in storing their most precious wines in a special place set aside for this purpose. We offer you a space in the Wine Bank of the Wine Club located four floors underground in our winery in El Sauzal. This place in a natural environment of temperature and humidity is the perfect “safe” in which to store your wines. We have two types of niches: single for up to 150 bottles and double for up to 300 bottles, choose your size.

Two keys, one for you and one for us, will open the locks that protect the cell in your name. The dim lights of the 105 niches will transport you to the depths of our cellar. What better place to store a treasure and share it with your loved ones?



100,00 €/monthly | 900,00 €/yearly

  • Taxes included
  • Single niche 150 bottles


MONTHLY 100 € YEARLY 900 €



175,00 €/monthly | 1500,00 €/yearly

  • Taxes included
  • Double niche 300 bottles


MONTHLY 175 € YEARLY 1500 €


  • With the new welcome gift subscription: Free visit and wine tasting for 4 people at the Wine Club.
  • You have the possibility to have Monje wines personalised with your name or brand and even make your own wine.
  • You can keep any wine you want, it doesn’t have to be from Bodegas Monje.
  • If you are a wine distributor or you are from another winery you will be able to sell the wines of your niche to your clients (commissionable sales).
  • Special access to exclusive Wine Club news and unique wines from the family.


  • Over 18 years old
  • Any change of plan or cancellation of the same must be communicated 15 days before the date of the charge.
  • The monthly niche rental fee will be charged to your credit card on the day of subscription.