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Beneficios vino

Five wine benefits for your health

Surely you’ve heard hundreds of times that ‘having a glass of wine a day can benefit your health’. In fact, many doctors recommend moderate wine consumption to their patients, especially during meals. The truth is that without falling into excess, wine can provide many benefits to your body.

The perfect wine for cheese lovers

In the world there are many kinds of people devoted to a very specific objective. Among the most faithful to their cause are the ‘Winelovers’, and at the same level of dedication the are the ‘Cheeselovers’. We should have been faster to dedicate a post to lovers of…

Wines to drink in Spring /Summer (and why)

With the arrival of spring comes the good weather too. An ideal season to walk and perform outdoor activities, enjoy terraces with friends, and savour the spring-like colors of the sunsets. On this occasion we want to give you a special recommendation to accompany the greatest moments with…

What wine to give on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, and like every year, you want to surprise her with some original gift full of meaning that expresses all the love you feel for her. That’s our reason to offer you our selection of Monje products, chosen with love so that you show especially…