Wines to drink in Spring /Summer (and why)

With the arrival of spring comes the good weather too. An ideal season to walk and perform outdoor activities, enjoy terraces with friends, and savour the spring-like colors of the sunsets.

On this occasion we want to give you a special recommendation to accompany the greatest moments with a delicious wine.

Tintomonje for happiness

Getting caught up in the spirit of Spring is very easy with our young and funny Tintomonje. This red blend of the Traditional Monje with the Hollera, a daring coupage with fruity aroma and mineral flavor of volcanic origin. It is ideal to enjoy during the months of spring and summer, accompanied by fresh fish, appetizers and charcuterie, very common during this time.

A picnic in the afternoon with friends in the countryside, a fresh lunch on the beach, or those meetings with friends with endless table talks, are perfect plans to enjoy our Tintomonje. Where would you take it?

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A red wine like the Hollera

There is no better place to try our young red wine than in ‘La Hollera’, the place that gives it its name, and where the vineyards and the winery are located. In any case, this red wine of carbonaceous maceration is a great companion, for example, while you cook a stir-fry and take out all your culinary skills.

It is perfect for Spring and Summer because it can be combined perfectly with light meals typical of these seasons, such as grilled vegetables, pasta or pizza.

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Original ideas for Spring and Summer

After our suggestions, we are pretty sure that you have come up with dozens of ideas for these hot months, long walks, and nights under the stars. We want to know what your perfect plan is, with whom would you share it and which of our wines would you take with you. You can put it in the comments or tag us on our social media using the hashtag #ViveMonje.

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