The perfect wine for cheese lovers

In the world there are many kinds of people devoted to a very specific objective. Among the most faithful to their cause are the ‘Winelovers’, and at the same level of dedication the are the ‘Cheeselovers’. We should have been faster to dedicate a post to lovers of both wine and cheese to show an exquisite way of combining textures and flavors in the purest monk style.

Five wines for five types of cheeses

Here we show you which types of cheese we suggest you to combine with five of the wines from our wineries:

Bastardo Negro: This barrel red wine with mineral and spicy notes has an interesting tasting note, which exalts one of its most precious virtues, being one of them the fact that it is the only bastard bottled in the Canary Islands. So special, it is perfect for cured cheeses such as the Añejo Flor de Güimar goat cheese from Tenerife, for example.

Vijariego Negro: With a medium body, fresh and deep bouquets, this red wine responds to an expressive and original character. It is the ideal companion for blue cheeses. Combining the blue cheese “Azul Picos de Europa”, from the north of the peninsula and with a spicy and strong flavor with the Vijariego Negro, a volcanic wine by origin, can result in a more than exquisite choice.

Monje Tradicional: Our young red wine made in the traditional style, respecting the ancient practices of maceration and fermentation in oak casks, is very suitable to take with a semi-cured cheese such as Flor de Guia de Gran Canaria.

Tintilla: A wine with personality like Tintilla demands to be accompanied by food that respects its tasty tannins. This is the case of smoked cheeses such as those from Isla Bonita (La Palma), for example.

Listán Negro: It is a barrel aged wine that, as Felipe Monje explains, ‘expresses the most pleasant volcanic character of our soils’. An elegant red wine ideal for cured cheeses such as Vulcano Cheese from Finca de Uga.

It is time for the ‘Winelovers’

We want to know which of these five options you liked the most to pair with cheese. What would be your perfect combination and on what occasion? Write it in the comments or tag on social networks with the hashtag #ViveMonje. Until next time, Winelovers!