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Five wine benefits for your health

Surely you’ve heard hundreds of times that ‘having a glass of wine a day can benefit your health’. In fact, many doctors recommend moderate wine consumption to their patients, especially during meals. The truth is that without falling into excess, wine can provide many benefits to your body.

Prevention of cardiovascular problems

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most recognized benefits worldwide in many scientific studies that support that the consumption of one glass a day of red wine can be beneficial for health. Its daily consumption, moderate and continuous, reduces the possibility of suffering a coronary disease, helping to fight the production of LDL cholesterol, which is the harmful, and increasing HDL cholesterol that is good for the body.

Skin care

The presence of compounds such resveratrol in wine, make it an ally to maintain good skin health. It helps to oxygenate and regenerate the skin, among other benefits, which are increasingly used in cosmetic treatments based on wine.Resveratrol present in black grapes

Good for the brain

Resveratrol is a very positive contribution also to the brain, as it helps prevent its deterioration and cognitive aging. In addition, it helps fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s as several scientific studies conclude.

Ally of losing weight

In many diets alcohol is completely eliminated to achieve effective weight loss, but the fact is that a glass of wine with a selection of healthy foods and regular exercise can contribute to weight loss.

This is because red wine activates a gene in our body (gene SIRT1, study of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which prevents the formation of fat, and also helps to distribute it evenly throughout the body.

Wine is happiness

We say it, and a study of the University of California, which ensures that by drinking wine, our brain releases endorphins, known as ‘hormones of happiness’, allowing our body to enjoy our glass of wine and the moment.

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