Which wine to gift?

Be original: give volcanic wines as a present

There are many occasions when giving wine becomes a fantastic option; meeting with friends, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, celebrations, important dates… However, there is always the question of which one to choose in order to be right, to look good, or to “seem understanding ” wines. That is why we propose you a wine list to give as a gift and to surprise family, friends or couples, no one will be indifferent!

With the wines from Bodegas Monje, you also have the added bonus of being one of the 9 most representative volcanic vineyards in the world according to National Geographic (you can add this when you give it away to look even better!).


Minority varieties: native grapes are a trend. 

Leaving the pre-established is always a good option. Traditional winemaking and autochthonous grapes are in trending. A 100% listán wine is an exquisite rarity, a reflection of the volcanic character of the territory. The volcanic flavours and aromas are authentic and exotic. Tasting and sharing them is a novel experience.


Get out of the pre-established (but not the budget!)

We propose you a selection of wines from Bodegas Monje adjusted to your budget.

Wines for less than 15€.






The  white one never fails. Bet on this 100% white listan, delicacy and balance of fruits and flowers for lovers of white wine.

Price: 13,49€







Pure explosion of those particular mineral flavors of volcanic origin. At the same time, an incredibly soft flavor and a deep aroma.

Price: 11,29€



Wines for less than 30€






A wine 100% barrel black listán, tasty and with a slightly bitter ending that makes it elegant. This wine expresses the kindest volcanic character of our soils.

Price: 20,50€








A particular and ambiguous rosé. Fruity, youthful and fresh, a sure bet for Black Listán.

Price: 13,49€




Wines for less than 60€




This 100% Negramoll Brut Nature rosé has recently come onto the market and you will prove to be at the cutting edge in the wine-growing sector. Pink bubbles to match any dish and any celebration.

Price: 45€







Labelled with the variety’s own name. It is the particular and interesting wine, the only bottled Bastard of the Canary Islands. An elegant, clean and sincere wine, exclusivity in potency. According to Wine Style magazine, it is the elegant wine of Bodegas Monje.

Precio: 58,90€


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