What wine to give on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, and like every year, you want to surprise her with some original gift full of meaning that expresses all the love you feel for her. That’s our reason to offer you our selection of Monje products, chosen with love so that you show especially what
she means to you.

Wine Selection

Here we present the selection of wines specially chosen for the occasion, from which you can pick the one that best suits your tastes:

Moscatel – This delicious creation of ripe grapes conquers palates thanks to its citrus tones and its freshness. It has moderate acidity and sweetness, so it is not cloying. Combines well with sweet pasta, foie gras, or alone as a dessert.

Fruity Dragoblanco – The Dry Dragoblanco’s brother triumphs by itself by its intensity. It is very aromatic and with touches of fresh fruit, leaving a soft trail of sugar and moderate acidity for a classy wine. Meals like stewed white fish, or mild salads are ideal as an accompaniment.

Hollera – An intense and clean red wine with aromas of red fruits and anise, very appropriate to combine with cured cheese, marinated meats, or fried fish, for example. Its taste captivates the most demanding and delicate palates.


Gourmet products from Bodegas Monje

Not all are wines among the products available in Bodegas Monje online stores, although wine is always present. We offer you these other options based on wine if you prefer to make a different gift:

Macho Vinegar Chocolate Truffles – Chocolates are a perfect and widespread gift, especially on designated dates such as Mother's Day. If you want to sweeten and surprise your mother, you will succeed with this exquisite creation made with vinegar from Bodegas Monje and chocolate

Fig & red wine Jam – For the sweets lovers, fig jam with red wine is an excellent choice. As you know, it is ideal to enjoy in breakfasts and snacks, and in combinations of sweet and savory.

Macho Sweet and Sour Vinegar – A star creation of limited production made with Tinto Dulce wine (Padre Wine) from the year 1975. It has a characteristic aroma, and thanks to its bittersweet flavor it is excellent to use in pastries, green salads, or exotic cuisine.

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Alternatives to gift on Mother’s Day

If you think that yours is a mother who prefers an enjoyable experience rather than a traditional gift, you can always check out our #ViveMonje Gift cards. This alternative is designed for those who want to get to know Bodegas Monje in person, joining the gastronomy with a
guided tour, or use the Gift Cards redeemable for one of the #ViveMonje experiences.

If you wanted to know more options and pairings, don’t hesitate and visit our online store, where you can find much more information about Bodegas Monje wine selection and how to combine them.

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