Vinotinte, the art that wine dyes

If something characterizes Bodegas Monje, it’s the huge number of events and activities that we carry out throughout the year in our wineries, in the El Sauzal municipality. One of these activities is precisely the Vinotinte natural dye workshop, an initiative that prioritizes the sustainable collaboration between the local artisan Nathalie Leturq and our wineries.

This project was born thanks to Nathalie’s curiosity on natural dyes and her initiative to discover the origin of cream of tartar, an essential component of the dyeing process and a by-product of winemaking. Thus, Vinotinte combines natural fabrics with the dyes extracted from vines, winery grapes and other vegetable sources we find in our environment and which are associated with the vine cultivation, leading to unique pieces.

Vinotinte, a fashionable brand

Currently, Vinotinte is considered one of the most innovative brands in the creation of textile supports, this has led us to hold exhibitions and workshops where anyone can learn about the process of wine dyeing.

To do so, we use plant resources from La Hollera, the landscape that surrounds our cellars and which lead to the creation of accessories that can then be entered into our #vinotinte exhibition.

No training is necessary for the Vinotinte workshops, as the Monje Cellars take full responsibility for explaining the entire production process. During our workshops we provide snacks in our restaurant-terrace, courtesy of the winery, so the attendees only need to come wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, sunscreen and, above all, a lot of enthusiasm.

Minimum environmental impact

The techniques used during the Vinotinte workshops are completely sustainable and have a minimal environmental impact:

  • The eco print: this technique directly transfers the colors from the leaf to the fabric, silhouetting the leaves, their veins and color down to the smallest detail.
  • The shibori: this technique is used to make sure the leaf’s dye isn’t uniformly transferred to the fabric. To do this, it’s folded, sown and tied to achieve different shapes and color intensities.

All of Vinotinte’s creations are exhibited in our facilities along with any collaborative work done with artisans based in the island of Tenerife: the bookbinder Francisco Hilario Pacheco, the fabrics of María Teresa Pérez from Trama Textil, Ruth González’s felts, among others.

Monje Cellars invites you to come and experience the Vinotinte experience, awaken your senses, create and spend a unique moment. And remember, wine doesn’t stain, it dyes.

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