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The best glass for every wine type

In past times we used to drink wine from all kind of cups, ceramic mugs, wooden vessels…but over time we realized that this precious beverage needed to be served in a very specific style of glass to appreciate all its delicate flavours and aromas.

Totally transparent and very thin glasses are the best for wine tasting since features like the colour are also very important to admire. This way we can appreciate every single tone and shade of the flavour as well. Furthermore, the form of the wine glass is as important as the composition. The form not only determines how we perceive the colours and aromas but also the moment we are enjoying this wine: imagine drinking a cava in a giant wine glass and having to toast with your entire family, spills assured!

We will have to look at the three different parts of a wine glass to determine how it will be used: the foot, the stem and the bowl.

Which are the general features we should consider before choosing a wine glass?

1. Always choose a transparent, colourless and thin wine glass. Try to avoid glasses with serigraphies or other ornaments to appreciate all the qualities of the wine.
2. Never fill the glass up entirely, always only to a third is recommended. This way the cup won’t be too heavy to become unstable and the wine will be able to breathe and release its aromas slowly to the top part of the glass.
3. Don’t grab the glass from its bowl to prevent heating, always hold it from the stem to keep the wine at its recommended temperature.
4. Clean the wine glasses very delicately by hand and dry them with a soft towel storing them hanging upside down. This way we prevent bad odours and breaking of the fine glasses.

Pick the best wine glasses (types of wine glasses)
the best wine glass for every wine type

1. Glasses for red wine.

Red wines tend to have a more robust flavour and are usually served at room temperature or a little below. To be able to oxygenate the wine correctly and deliver a smoother tasting wine, we recommend you using glasses with larger and rounder bowls with a wider opening. The complex aromas and flavours of red wines need more airing and with the larger opening, you will also be able to dip your nose into the glass a little bit to fully enjoy the deep aromas. For rosés and young red wines, you can choose a slightly smaller glass.

2. White wine glasses.

We recommend you a smaller and more closed U-shaped glass for white wines to keep them cool and preserve its floral aromas. The stem also tends to be a little longer to be able to hold the glass without warming up the wine. The smaller wine glass will express better the acidity of the white wine as well.

3. Sweet wine glasses.

Pick up some special wine glasses for dessert, where usually sweet wines are served. These wines tend to have a higher percentage of alcohol, that’s why smaller servings are recommended. Pick shorter cups with a more closed shaped to preserve the fruity and floral aromas.

4. The perfect glass for sparkling wines

Champagne and cava need to be served in a tall-flute shaped glass. The aim is to prevent the bubbles from escaping and the tall stem is to keep the wine cool and prevent spills when toasting!

5. Specialty wine glasses

We can find glasses specially designed for famous wine types such as French Champagne or sweet Port, with its famous small glass and narrow mouth. Every wine has its own features and a customized wine glass is always the best option. We have designed the very special Wine&Sex glasses we recommend for any kind of wine when enjoyed in good company!

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