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The best brunch in Tenerife?

Oh, heavenly brunch! Everybody knows that having breakfast is the best part of the day, isn’t it? The more time you have to enjoy it, the better. If you’re not keen on brunch, at home or in a restaurant, it’s probably because you haven’t tried a very good one!

This trend has arrived in Spain in the past years and it’s becoming more and more popular in Tenerife. We know that getting up late on the weekends and meeting with friends is one of the biggest pleasures in life. If it comes with lots of little bites, sweet and salty, with coffee and fresh pressed juice or even with wine (why not!), even better! That’s it, in Spain we have taken the “tapa” concept to brunch and the combination is perfect.

They say we prepare one of the best brunchs in Tenerife but you will have to try it yourself to prove it! Enjoying it with the Mount Teide and Sea views from our terrace in El Sauzal in north Tenerife is probably one of the best parts. Sounds good?

The origins of brunch

You probably already know that “brunch” is a mix of the words Breakfast + Lunch, but the tradition comes from far way back than you might think. In 1895, Guy Beringer defined it as a meal for “Saturday-night carousers” in his magazine ‘Punch’. Since then, it continued gaining popularity as a social event and a meal that combined different dishes (the best ones, of course) from breakfast and lunch, becoming very popular in the 30’s in the States.

In The Canary Islands, we have adapted the concept of brunch to our own wide gastronomic traditions. At Bodegas Monje we wanted to go one step beyond and create a brunch with carefully curated recipes by our chef, combining very fresh local ingredients with new gastronomic techniques. Continue reading if you want to have a look at our mouth-watering brunch menus:

Between the Vines – Having breakfast at a winery never tasted so sweet
Brunch Bodegas Monje

We take fresh vine leaves from our winery and use them as a base layer. Served on top of them, a selection of bread accompanied by butter, jam, fresh cheese and tomato stacks, followed by a traditional puff pastry tart and a glass of young wine. Coffee, tea or orange juice included.

Milk and Gofio – The most Canarian brunch in Tenerife

brunch canario

We prepare the typical Canarian gofio flour with four kinds of cereals in a nearby mill and we prepare it with milk, served with bread made with watercress butter and semi-cured goats cheese. Followed by pumpkin cake with banana slices and a glass of young wine & juice.

Crushing Grapes – Our most English brunch
brunch ingles tenerife

Choose between coffee, tea or orange juice. Accompanied by an assortment of bread with butter and our own jam followed by scrambled eggs with Serrano ham instead of bacon and a fruit salad. Served with a glass of young wine, of course.

El Teide from La Hollera – The best brunch in Tenerife
brunch cochino negro tenerife

One of our specialities is the roasted black pork cooked in our firewood oven. For brunch, we prepare it as a tasty toast. We serve it with an assortment of bread with butter and jams, followed by a selection of goats cheeses. To drink coffee, tea or orange juice and to finish off, a wine flavoured sponge cake and a glass of young wine. Is your mouth-watering already?

Vegetarian Brunch – Energy for the day
brunch vegetariano tenerife

This brunch will give you energy for lots of hours, you will need it to discover our Bodega! We serve a fresh smoothie with carrot, lemon, apple and fennel. Accompanied by an assortment of wholemeal bread, our own jams and olive oil. Followed by a pumpkin, courgette, celery, watermelon and fresh cheese salad dressed with seeds. The menu includes a glass of young wine as well as yoghurt with honey and muesli in case you are still hungry, followed by an Ayurvedic tea or coffee.

Children´s Menu – Brunch for the little ones
brunch para peques tenerife

We serve tomato and fresh cheese skewers for the little ones, accompanied by a French omelette with bread, cherry tomatoes, a croissant, puff pastry tart and a sponge cake. To drink, a fresh pressed orange juice.

What are you waiting for? Just pick the day, time and company and make your reservation for our brunch on the terrace or inside the restaurant. It includes a guided visit of the winery of 40 minutes at 11:00 or 13:00 daily.