Gift Experiences for Christmas

This Christmas, gift experiences! If we made a list of all the gifts we’ve received throughout our lives that we haven’t used, picked up dust on the shelf, or given directly to someone else, we’d be sure to fill more than two pages.

Fragrances that you would never wear, ties you don’t have the chance to wear or of dubious taste, repeated books or others that don’t look bad but you don’t have time to read…the list goes on and on. Nowadays, moreover, most of us already have everything we need, or at least everything that can be given away.

If we could gift health, love or eternal youth, we would do it, but it’s still not possible. In the meantime, if we can give away at least a little piece of happiness, a good memory, a memorable moment, we should!


Monje Winery Gift Cards

Vive Monje Gift Cards are ideal for getting to know the world of wine and its surroundings a little better. We can choose a tasting of 4 wines and 4 kinds of cheese, a lunch of black pork roasted slowly in the oven or one of the delicious brunch on our terrace overlooking the sea and Mount Teide.




For those family and friends who love cooking, we also have a perfect solution: our Mojo Workshop! Don’t worry, not everything will be hard work, it comes with appetizers or lunch and a tasting of our wines. You can see that among our Gift Vouchers there are experiences for all tastes. Besides, they include a guided visit to the winery so that you can discover our vineyards and the secret of the viticultural tradition in Tenerife.




A new experience that we offer at Bodegas Monje is a tasting at the Wine Bar of the Wine Club. Our Wine Bar is an exclusive and intimate space located in the guts of the winery, four floors underground and with access to our vineyards. You can gift a guided visit to our winery followed by an informal wine tasting and the best selection of Canary Islands cheeses, hams, Iberian sausages, salads or tapas at the Wine Bar.



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Gastrotheater “Prohibition” (Ley Seca)


Bodegas Monje continues to innovate. After the opening of the Wine Bar as an intimate corner in the lowest part of the winery, now it eventually becomes a speakeasy. Do you know what we’re talking about? During the 1920s, the Prohibition was introduced in the United States, and in response, many clandestine bars were opened that moved all types of alcohol.



And no… we don’t need you to come dressed as if you were from the ’20s, we’ll take care of wrapping you in the right atmosphere! All you have to do is bring a willingness to surprise yourself and enjoy an exquisite menu, combining delicious dishes with our wines.




If you’re looking for an original yet exquisite gift or experience, this is your choice!

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Gifts to enjoy this January

Wine&Sex 2019




The 38th edition of Wine&Sex is coming up on January 19th. After overwhelming success in all this year’s editions, we’ll be around the world in 80 days for the last time in January. Is there a better way to start the year than by taking risks, going out of your routine, betting on letting yourself experience different shows?




It will be a lifelong memory, and a fantastic way to start the year – a statement of intent! Get rid of prejudices and shame and bet on experiences that fill you with emotions. It will be a theatre session with wine tasting and tasting full of sensuality and eroticism. We propose to the participant an intelligent consumption of wine in an intimate social environment with guaranteed fun.



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If there is one thing universal, it is that we all like to enjoy good food, taste good wine, enjoy the view with a beautiful landscape and have a good time with our loved ones. If we put all this together at once, we find the key: gift experiences, with wine, with tastings, with unique landscapes in Tenerife …#ViveMonje are the experiences we assure you will not remain dust in the drawer but will remain forever in the memory.

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