Monje Wine&Tours essence

Monje Wine&tours has gradually been configured on the basis of a philosophy of life and shared work, which is exactly what we seek to spread: “to show reality as it is and not as we want it to be”.

That’s why the heart of our excursions is the primary sector and the island’s nature. Whether south, north, east or west; many are the features that have led to the development of many islands into one: the climate and especially the microclimates, our volcanic origin, water as a constant and essential element, endemic flora and fauna, not to mention those species that were introduced, traditional architecture, rituals and traditions, avatars and historical ingenuity of the islander to use all the means at their disposal to take advantage of the land for survival… Believe me when I say that it was not us, but these elements that marked the development of the excursions and it’ll be them what will make each one unique.

From the very beginning, we want each route to be a tribute to the efforts of our elders and young people who venture to take over in the countryside. This project is possible thanks to them, and the best way we have to show it is not a medal but the “word of mouth”, listening and dissemination that makes their stories and our land remain alive in memory and do not disappear.

For that, our excuse is and always will be the Canary Wine.

Canary Wine, mirror of our land

Because its history and tradition in Tenerife is by far the hidden part of our present. Its character is a mirror of the land from which we come….and the other part we will reveal with various resources of the primary sector and, of course, of our impressive nature.

Wine, for being our unifying agent, for creating community and feeling of belonging. Wine because we conceive that the most complete learning is that which arises through the senses and, in our case, the incalculable pleasure provoked by a glass of wine. Wine because it connects us and the wrapping of the senses is the essence of these paths. Our best reward will be that in our routes we manage to be “your wine”.

The value of good practice

The unification of landscapes, nature and wine in the form of enotourist routes is our objective. From brunch, visits to the vineyards, wine tastings, visits to the winery… to adventurous experiences in the most imposing locations of Tenerife.

I hope that this idea, which will soon become a reality, will contribute to spreading our idiosyncrasy, our particularities and we’ll contribute with the value that the effort and good work of our people deserve.


You offering us your leisure time is an honour and we’ll value it as such.


Because it is true that time does not return.

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