Brunch en Tenerife

Enjoy a unique Brunch in Tenerife

At Bodegas Monje we know that a good brunch in the open air is the perfect plan. That’s why we have designed different menus for you to enjoy the best brunch breakfasts in Tenerife.

Bodegas Monje, a winemaking tradition since 1750

With a family tradition that goes back more than three centuries, Bodegas Monje is a true treasure on the Tenerife wine scene. Their passion for vine cultivation is reflected in every bottle of wine. Using indigenous varieties and ancestral techniques blended with innovation, we create exceptional wines that capture the volcanic character of the region. From elegant whites and rosés to intense reds and vibrant sparkling wines, each wine tells a story of dedication and love for the land.

Tenerife winery

Flavours of the morning with Bodegas Monje

At Bodegas Monje we combine this passion for wine with an offer of oenological and gastronomic experiences in our Restaurant-Terrace with views of the Teide. We have a wide variety of Brunch menus to suit all tastes. All our options include a guided tour of our winery so discover your favourite Brunch!

Restaurant terrace in Tenerife

Brunch “Between vineyards”: A feast of traditional flavours

Immerse yourself in the “Between vineyards” experience and let yourself be carried away by classic and authentic flavours. This brunch begins with a cup of coffee with milk or infusion to awaken your senses. Accompany your hot drink with a refreshing orange juice, perfect to start your day.
The assortment of fresh pastries, butter and homemade jams will delight your taste buds. Enjoy the fresh cheese with tomato, a simple but flavourful combination. You’ll also have the chance to try the famous traditional puff pastry, a real melt-in-the-mouth delicacy. And for a special touch, accompany this brunch with a glass of young wine, which perfectly complements the flavours of each mouthful.

Brunch in Tenerife

Brunch “Milk and gofio”: A trip to the roots of the Canary Islands

Experience a brunch full of authenticity with our “Leche y gofio” breakfast at Bodegas Monje. Delight yourself with a bowl of milk and gofio of four cereals, a traditional Canarian combination that will provide you with nutrients and a unique flavour. Accompany your breakfast with bread spread with watercress butter, a delicious local option, and be captivated by the soft texture and distinctive flavour of our semi-cured goat’s cheese. To satisfy your sweet tooth, try our pumpkin sponge cake, a fluffy, sweet and sour treat.
Complete the experience with a fresh banana and a glass of our young wine and savour the authentic Canarian gastronomy with our breakfast!

Traditional breakfast at Bodegas Monje

“Stomping grapes” Brunch: A sweet and savoury feast

If you prefer a brunch with a variety of flavours, the “Stomping grapes” breakfast is perfect for you. Start with a cup of coffee with milk or herbal tea and an invigorating orange juice accompanied by our assortment of fresh breads, butter and homemade jams.
Scrambled eggs with Serrano ham are a savoury option that will fill you with energy. For refreshment, enjoy a fruit salad. And, of course, a glass of young wine is a must to complement the flavours of this balanced and delicious breakfast.

Brunch at Bodegas Monje

Brunch “Teide from La Hollera”: an unbeatable breakfast

The “Teide from La Hollera” breakfast offers you a unique experience. Start your morning with a cup of coffee with milk or tea, accompanied by a refreshing orange juice.
Enjoy our assortment of breads, butter and homemade jams, and explore the different flavours with our assortment of goat cheeses. Our speciality, the wood-fired roast black pig montadito will be a real treat. And don’t forget to try the wine sponge cake, accompanied by a glass of young wine that will enhance the sensations of this exceptional brunch.

Unique breakfast offer at Bodegas Monje

Vegetarian Brunch: Fresh and healthy flavours for everyone

Our vegetarian option starts with a refreshing carrot, lemon, fennel and apple smoothie, packed with vitamins and vibrant flavours. Our assortment of wholemeal bread, jams and olive oil will provide you with delicious and nutritious options.
Enjoy a salad of pumpkin, bubango, celery, watermelon, fresh cheese and seeds, a refreshing and textured combination. And to complete this healthy brunch, a yoghurt with honey and muesli accompanied by an ayurvedic tea or a cup of coffee will give you the energy you need to start the day.

Vegetarian brunch at Bodegas Monje

Children’s Brunch: Delicacies for the little ones

At Bodegas Monje, we care about providing options for the whole family. That is why we have created a special breakfast for the little ones. The children’s breakfast includes a refreshing orange juice, a fresh cheese and tomato brochette that kids will love, and a French omelette with bread and tomatoes.
To sweeten their palate, a croissant, puff pastry and sponge cake will be the stars of the show. This breakfast is designed to satisfy children’s tastes and give them a fun and delicious culinary experience.

Childrens brunch menu at Bodegas Monje

Bodegas Monje’s brunches are a culinary experience that combines the freshness of local ingredients with authentic flavours and a breathtaking panoramic view. In each option we offer unique flavours and textures that will delight diners.
If you are looking for a place to enjoy an unforgettable brunch in Tenerife, look no further. Come and discover why our brunches are considered some of the best on the island. We guarantee an experience that will awaken all your senses!