Edible flowers: from the garden to the table

Flowers: more than just to smell or decorate

Edible flowers are, as their name suggests, those suitable for human consumption. Although in many countries its discovery as a culinary ingredient is recent, in ancient Greece, Egypt or Rome were already used. The first recorded data dates from 140 B.C.

With unique and intense flavors, flowers have become a very creative and innovative ingredient in culinary art.

As subtle and colorful companions or as protagonists, they offer an aroma and bring a taste to fruit flavors, herbs or vegetables very original.


Precautions to take into account

There are basically two precautions to be taken:

1. Not all flowers are edible, some are even poisonous. To distinguish this, there are numerous studies and a catalog of edible flowers.

2. Eat only flowers from your own cultivation, or whose cultivation you know has been 100% organic. Otherwise, their origin may be doubtful and they may contain insecticides, herbicides or fungicides, which could be toxic.

Of most flowers only the petal is edible. Their taste is very similar to their aroma, so smelling them will give us clues about their gastronomic performance.

The Edible Garden of Bodegas Monje

At Bodegas Monje it was decided to host a small edible garden, whose cultivated flower species vary throughout the year.

Nowadays these flowers are used to make tastings with wines, biscuits, cakes, infusions… It is the best way to have a product of the highest quality, fresh and unique that does not exist in the market. Directly from the orchard to your table.


Besides being an aesthetic acclaim, it creates a connection between nature and people through gastronomy.

Among other benefits, it creates ecological space for pollinating insects to have food and is a clear commitment to the feeding of those who come to our restaurant as well as the planet.

Bodegas Monje has been collaborating Mi jardín se come for a year now, which defines the driving force behind its project as a firm commitment to bringing nature closer to people and creating spaces where plants are the true protagonists. 

Flowers and wine

Do you want to know first-hand the world of edible flowers? What if you could add a wine tasting?

We offer you the original experience of “Tasting with flowers” (which is made under request) in the Wine Club, a tasting of the six flavors present in the plants, their aromas, textures and use.

Enjoy wine pairings and appetizers made with flowers, in an experience guided by Laura López Terrón, agricultural engineer, specialist and producer of edible plants from Mi jardín se come.


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