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Monje Wine&Tours essence

Monje Wine&tours has gradually been configured on the basis of a philosophy of life and shared work, which is exactly what we seek to spread: “to show reality as it is and not as we want it to be”. That’s why the heart of our excursions is the…

The best experiences in Tenerife

Looking for adventures in Tenerife? What a difficult choice! Tenerife is an island full of corners to discover, even for locals. We propose you 5 experiences in Tenerife to know first hand local traditions, customs and corners in their purest form. And best of all, they all include…

brunch cochino negro tenerife

The best brunch in Tenerife?

Oh, heavenly brunch! Everybody knows that having breakfast is the best part of the day, isn’t it? The more time you have to enjoy it, the better. If you’re not keen on brunch, at home or in a restaurant, it’s probably because you haven’t tried a very good…

tipos de copas de vino

The best glass for every wine type

In past times we used to drink wine from all kind of cups, ceramic mugs, wooden vessels…but over time we realized that this precious beverage needed to be served in a very specific style of glass to appreciate all its delicate flavours and aromas. Totally transparent and very…

maridaje fruta con vino

Pairing of summer fruits and wine

In summer we often prefer a light and fresh dessert than ending a meal with something too heavy. Fruit lovers know that summer is fruit heaven and we can find a greater variety of fresh and juicy fruits than the rest of the year. Let’s take advantage of…

Volcanic Wines: Why are they special?

Wines produced in volcanic soils are getting popular around the Globe. Held in San Francisco, the Volcanic Wines International Conference might have something to do with the increasing acceptance of these particular wines. “Peeling Back the Lava Layers” is a special workshop held at the Conference and hosted…

Vinotinte, the art that wine dyes

If something characterizes Bodegas Monje, it’s the huge number of events and activities that we carry out throughout the year in our wineries, in the El Sauzal municipality. One of these activities is precisely the Vinotinte natural dye workshop, an initiative that prioritizes the sustainable collaboration between the…

Beneficios vino

Five wine benefits for your health

Surely you’ve heard hundreds of times that ‘having a glass of wine a day can benefit your health’. In fact, many doctors recommend moderate wine consumption to their patients, especially during meals. The truth is that without falling into excess, wine can provide many benefits to your body.

The perfect wine for cheese lovers

In the world there are many kinds of people devoted to a very specific objective. Among the most faithful to their cause are the ‘Winelovers’, and at the same level of dedication the are the ‘Cheeselovers’. We should have been faster to dedicate a post to lovers of…

Wines to drink in Spring /Summer (and why)

With the arrival of spring comes the good weather too. An ideal season to walk and perform outdoor activities, enjoy terraces with friends, and savour the spring-like colors of the sunsets. On this occasion we want to give you a special recommendation to accompany the greatest moments with…