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Guide to Astronomic Leasure: stargazing in Tenerife

– The clarity of its skies, its pure and clean air and its unbeatable conditions make Tenerife one of the main destinations in the world to see the stars. We bring you a basic guide with everything you need to know! – El Teide Observatory, 2,400 metres above…


The so-called Monje of Author

How did this idea come up? It was a novel idea that sought to break patterns of the wine world in the Canaries, as well as to confront a prevailing mentality that underestimated the capabilities and possibilities of wine production in the archipelago. Thus, it was decided to…


Black Listan, the red grape of wine

In the Canary Islands, almost 90% of the cultivated area is made up of 6 varieties. Among them is the black listán, which occupies about a quarter of these crops (about 24%). How’s the black listán grape? Resistant, rustic and vigorous, blue-black colored. The bunches are compact, of…

Which wine to gift?

Be original: give volcanic wines as a present There are many occasions when giving wine becomes a fantastic option; meeting with friends, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, celebrations, important dates… However, there is always the question of which one to choose in order to be right, to look…


Monje Wine&Tours essence

Monje Wine&tours has gradually been configured on the basis of a philosophy of life and shared work, which is exactly what we seek to spread: “to show reality as it is and not as we want it to be”. That’s why the heart of our excursions is the…

The best experiences in Tenerife

Looking for adventures in Tenerife? What a difficult choice! Tenerife is an island full of corners to discover, even for locals. We propose you 5 experiences in Tenerife to know first hand local traditions, customs and corners in their purest form. And best of all, they all include…

Original Gifts from Bodegas Monje

Aren’t you tired of getting boring presents you will leave on the shelf to get dusty? Another tie you will never have the chance to wear, a perfume that’s not your taste at all…And when it’s your turn to buy a present, most of the people you know…

brunch cochino negro tenerife

The best brunch in Tenerife?

Oh, heavenly brunch! Everybody knows that having breakfast is the best part of the day, isn’t it? The more time you have to enjoy it, the better. If you’re not keen on brunch, at home or in a restaurant, it’s probably because you haven’t tried a very good…

tipos de copas de vino

The best glass for every wine type

In past times we used to drink wine from all kind of cups, ceramic mugs, wooden vessels…but over time we realized that this precious beverage needed to be served in a very specific style of glass to appreciate all its delicate flavours and aromas. Totally transparent and very…

maridaje fruta con vino

Pairing of summer fruits and wine

In summer we often prefer a light and fresh dessert than ending a meal with something too heavy. Fruit lovers know that summer is fruit heaven and we can find a greater variety of fresh and juicy fruits than the rest of the year. Let’s take advantage of…